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PCB Design Service

We can provide a host of engineering and design services to meet your design needs. These range from simple modifications or upgrades to existing designs, all the way to full turn key designs.

PCB Layout
We have in-house facilities to layout the artwork for your PCB requirements, working from your existing schematics, prototypes or any other documentation you may have.

PCB Duplication
You may have a PCB layout where the design file has been lost or you have the rights to a PCB design, but do not have the design file required to reproduce the board. We have developed a unique in-house technique where we can take a scan or your existing PCB and then import the scan into CADint, enabling us to produce a reproduction of your existing PCB layout.

Controlled Impedance Backplanes
We have extensive in-house experience in designing multilayer controlled impedance backplanes including VMEbus, cPCI, as well as custom backplane architectures. We can help you with any level of engineering support that you require.

Full turn key design
Our in-house expertise is focused towards Real Time embedded micro-controllers, however we are capable of providing design solution for all type of design scopes including areas of analog and mechanical design. These capabilities enable us to provide full turn key design solutions covering:

Application evaluation
Electronic Design
Software Design
Schematic Design
PCB Layout
Prototype manufacture, testing and evaluation


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